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Real Estate


We offer a full range of real estate services:  Transfer of property, researching and resolving title problems, and preparing leases.   If you need a document or other services without a consultation, we can prepare a Deed (if you are the Seller) or do a Title Search (if you are the Buyer) if you contact us to answer just a few questions, and getting from you a copy of the previous deed (or some information that will allow us to get a copy of that deed from the Registry).  If you need a Sales Agreement, we will normally meet with you to discuss the terms, and then prepare it.  Closings can sometimes be handled simply by the Buyer's attorney, after all documents have been reviewed, but if the Buyer is getting a mortgage the closing will be handled by the Lender's attorney, with the Buyer and Seller attending but not necessarily the Seller's attorney.   Sometimes the realtor involved in the sale will prepare some of the documents for the closing, such as the Settlement Statement, Transfer Tax form, and Buyer Inventory form.

Costs:  Deed preparation is normally $200, plus $50 if we do the recording with the Registry of Deeds, plus the Registry of Deeds fee, plus NH Transfer Tax if applicable.  Sales Agreement preparation cost is billed hourly; the minimum cost is $200.  Preparation of the Settlement Statement for the closing is also billed hourly, and the minimum cost is $150.  Preparation of the other documents for closing (Transfer Tax form, Buyer Inventory form, 1099 report of closing) are each $75.  Signing of documents and other arrangements for the closing are billed hourly.  Attendance at the closing is billed hourly, and the minimum cost is $250.


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