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Probate Law


    Guardianships, for adults or minors, and Conservatorships, which are requested by the person needing assistance, and Adoptions, are all court proceedings begun by filing a petition in the Probate Court.  In a consultation with you, we can discuss the most appropriate alternatives in your situation, and the process, the forms, and the costs involved in that type of Probate Court case, so that you can decide what you wish our assistance on.

    Probating of Estates is a process that we can help you with.  We have the necessary forms for the various types of  Probating here in our office, and can prepare the forms for you or with you.  We can also provide you with checklists for the steps that the Executor or Administrator must complete, and a timetable for how long the Probating is likely to take.

This page was last updated on 04/09/15.