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Estate Planning


Estate Seminars

Estate planning includes preparing Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney, as well as Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney. A consultation with us will give you an opportunity to discuss your desires, questions, options, and concerns in order to give you documents that precisely meet your needs.

To get started on preparing documents, if you know what you would like to specify in those documents, you can just give us your instructions.  We need to know the names and towns of residence of the people you are naming, and information about your wishes.  Please contact us for a questionnaire that you can use to give us this information, or you can tell us in your own words (by email, telephone or letter). 

CostsWill preparation, finalization and signing generally costs $200 for one person, and $300 for two people's similar Wills.  Powers of Attorney, and healthcare powers of attorney, and living wills generally are each $50 including witnessing and notarization.   The preparation, finalization and signing of a Trust generally costs $400 (plus hourly costs for putting assets into the Trust, if you would like our assistance with that), and the obtaining of a trust ID number if needed, costs $95.  Consultations to discuss what documents and provisions would be best in your situation, are billed at $200 per hour.  Payment for services is due when they are rendered.


This page was last updated on 04/09/15.