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Consultations are always a good way to discuss any matter.  Attorney Reardon will meet with you to answer your questions, analyze your situation, and discuss possible courses of action that you may want to pursue.  Attorney Reardon and our paralegal staff can also prepare any necessary forms and letters, or help you to do this yourself.

Rates for consultations are $200 per hour.  Payment is requested at the time of your consultation.  (No additional retainer is needed at that time.)  Consultations normally take about an hour.  Discounted rates are sometimes available based on financial need.   Since our goal is to provide you with valuable assistance during the initial consultation, we are unable to provide free consultations.

To schedule a consultation, please contact our office.  To make the best use of this time we suggest that you:

bulletBring a written list of any questions you want to ask.
bulletBring any documents or letters that you think are relevant, especially court documents.
bulletIf the matter has a long chronology, please write it down for easier reference, or note it on a calendar.
bulletPlease list the names and addresses that are likely to be needed for any documents.
bulletSo that you may concentrate on the issues at hand, please do not bring children to the consultation.


This page was last updated on 04/09/15.